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Whether for communications with in-house teams (availability of marketing media, communications from management, etc.) or external communications (tablet-based product catalog available in the web store, providing the press with a new photo collection, etc.), you’ll have ergonomic, customizable tools that also allow to keep access logs and send reminders to recipients.

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More fluent projects and collaboration

Working in the project mode is essential in companies, especially in sales and marketing departments. You interact on a daily basis with your teams, clients and partners. Working and collaborating more effectively with all the stakeholders in your projects is a key factor in the effectiveness of the whole company. With Oodrive, you facilitate document and file sharing with no size limits, and collaborative work on a given document.

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Innovation and profitability

Departments of sales and marketing are the first to convey your image to the outside world. Using innovative tools and upgrading your departmental processes helps convey an novel and positive image.
With the right tools, you can increase your transformation rates and cut down on costs and processing times by providing online contracting processes, for example. Your objectives and return on investment from your projects will be reached more quickly.

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