Boost efficiency by organizing and making your company's content accessible

The proliferation of documents on file services is no longer the right solution. Build a future-proof content strategy to centralize information in a single space and capitalize on your company’s knowledge and expertise. Conventional content-management solutions, which were very difficult to use, are giving way to Cloud solutions that are easy to roll out and better suited to the pace of your activities.

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Powerful, secure tools for more fluent collaboration

Forget about e-mail, attachments and multiple file versions. Oodrive provides online collaboration tools focused on content management to make your projects go more smoothly and in complete security, even with distributed teams. Oodrive solutions are specifically designed to meet core business needs, such as finance or communications, executive boards, etc. You will complete your projects faster and make your teams more efficient.

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More security, better protected data

To make sure that your data remains your own, you need protection every step of the way: access, storage, sharing and editing. Oodrive solutions are among the most secureon the market, complying with the strictest certifications. They allow employees to be more effective and self-reliant and allow your IT teams to ensure compliance with your security policy. Your data will be hosted within the EU legal framework, ensuring optimal protection of corporate data.

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