Solutions for working efficiently on the move

The working environment is not limited to the perimeter of your organization. Your users, depending on their job profile, may spend a lot of time on the road, meeting with their clients, suppliers or partners. They need to be able to access their business documents anywhere, anytime. With Oodrive solutions, your employees have secure access to their documents no matter where they are, which increases their productivity.

File sharing and collaboration

Secure, unconstrained communications

Your teams share documents with internal and external communication partners, often by e-mail. But e-mail is not the best solution: size limits on attachments, time wasted searching for documents, and saturated servers and mailboxes. Oodrive solutions provide your employees with new working methods so they can share documents of any size with one another under complete control.

Case studies

Confidentiality of exchanges

Supply your users with solutions designed for confidential file exchanges without having to use USB drives or free online tools outside the control of your own IT team. With Oodrive, you can regain control over file exchanges through certified solutions completely under your control, in accordance with your organization’s security policy. And you will eliminate “Shadow IT”, i.e., unauthorized solutions that can create security holes for your enterprise.

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