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You offer powerful solutions and tools suited to the needs of your core busines departments and their teams. Thanks to greater ease of use, they will become more productive. They will collaborate more efficiently not only in-house but also with partners and clients. With Oodrive solutions, you can facilitate access to the company’s applications and data while optimizing the management of your IT department.

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Upgrade your infrastructure and cut down on costs

Oodrive online backup solutions protect your infrastructure and data more effectively. You can go paperless in each departmental process to become more productive and break free of burdensome and time-consuming processes. You can customize your architecture to meet your needs, with the option of setting up hybrid architectures combining your in-house resources with the Oodrive Cloud

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Security, privacy and compliance

Regain control over your file transfers by using approved solutions. You can eliminate the Shadow IT by offering an ergonomic solution that meets your company’s security and privacy requirements. You’ll use certified solutions in your company designed to give administrators full control over use.

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