Mobile users who access specific documents

Standard solutions are not enough for the construction sector. The files and drawings handled by tour teams are often large and require specific native formats (dwg, fwf, dxf). Oodrive allows the set up a real multimedia library for your projects, accessible to all team members under any circumstances. Your teams will have constant access to the latest versions of documents, on a tablet or mobile device, for improved productivity.

File sharing and collaboration

Specialized processes for the various phases of the construction project

Oodrive solutions will assist you in every phase of the construction project: engineering, invitations to tender, consultation of enterprises or implementation. Oodrive offers solutions to manage public or private tenders and to respond. You can also use EAsyOPR, a mobile application that automates the imposing and lifting of reservations so you won’t have to engage in tedious discussions.

Case studies

Transverse project teams with different profiles working in complete security

Your teams at the office and on site are made up of a variety of profiles: architects, general contractors, engineering firms, inspection agencies, site supervisors, foremen, contractors, etc. With Oodrive solutions you can build project teams formed of both in-house members and subcontractors. You can control team members’ access levels and rights and audit their activities. You will increase productivity while complying with your security policy.

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