Your teams will be more efficient

iExtranet helps improve document management by centralizing your information in a space accessible in any situation.

Your content strategy made a reality

You’ll centralize information in a single space and capitalize on your company’s knowledge and expertise.

Self-standing management by your teams

Your content strategy will be deployed through self-standing organization of documents on the level of a department, a project, a subsidiary or a client.

You can access your data in any situation

whether in your office or on the road, on any device, continuously and simultaneously …

Your projects will run more smoothly

The iExtranet online workspace improves collaboration with in-house and external collaborators in complete security.

Makes your projects quick and easy

Thanks to numerous collaboration functionalities, your essential information is shared, the latest versions of files are made available, documents can be simultaneously edited, annotated, supplemented by memos, etc.

No more obstacles!

You can eliminate redundant e-mails and attachments, messaging size limitations, etc.

Easier collaboration

Whether in-house, with your clients, your service providers, locally or abroad, your collaboration will be much more efficient, in an extremely secure framework providing a reliable record of all user actions.

Protect your sensitive data

Compliant with the strictest certifications, iExtranet eliminates breaches of confidentiality.

Protection of your data

Your data will be monitored through technological and security parameters in every phase of your collaboration: access, storage, sharing and editing.

Defining the security rules

With the supervision console, you can define the common rules of security for administrators and users. You can monitor compliance with good practices and the use of the application.

Your data will remain yours

protected by state-of-the-art technologies, the strictest certifications, and hosted in France, within the EU legal framework, the maximum protection of privacy for corporate data.

“When Oodrive first contacted us, we were using an extranet solution with limited functionalities that prevented us from meeting our deadlines. The iExtranet platform makes us more efficient by allowing us to send our documents and photos to various recipients within hours after a show or event."

Thoai Niradeth, Production & Events Manager at Jean-Paul Gaultier

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“Single-click file sharing”: the platform can be mastered immediately, with no special training. It is ideal for users who are often beginners. The fact that it is easy to connect with all kinds of terminals (PC, smartphone or iPad) and to access information directly allows for economy by dispensing with unreliable and costly media such as CDs, DVDs and USB sticks.”

Christèle Brossier, Consulting Manager at Sagamartha.

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“When we first adopted iExtranet, we had enourmous amounts of information and documents to upload and were afraid that it would take us weeks. Oodrive invited us to come directly to its offices and upload everything there using its facilities and hardware. We saved a huge amount of time.”

Donatien Darnaud, Retail Manager at Atelier Cologne

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