Streamline your infrastructure and management tasks

and improve your backup monitoring with AdBackup.

No maintenance needed

Oodrive Cloud relieves your teams of the maintenance tasks for physical backup media.

Simplified user experience

Your backup sets are created in just 4 steps and restoration is simplified. No need to be physically present or to have specific technical skills.

Overview & anticipation

Full reporting on the backup status of your computers gives you an optimal overview and lets you anticipate any possible problems.

Your data will be protected better

AdBackup optimally protects your data as best suited to your needs and requirements.

Compatibility with your heterogenous environments

AdBackup is compatible with your workstations, servers and virtual machines, so that you can manage all your important data in complete security.

Backups tailored to your needs

To adapt simultaneously to your constraints, to your user profiles and to your environment, there is flexibility in terms of types and frequency of backups.

Optimizing the impact on your bandwidth

AdBackup ensures regular backups while minimizing their impact on your bandwidth to prevent interference with your other activities.

Resume your activities quickly

with software assistance and personnel support to protect your corporate data

Specialized support tailored to your needs

You will benefit from assistance from teams and partner companies specializing in your product to provide you with professional support throughout your use of the solution.

Data risk alerts

Thanks to the alert system, you will be able to anticipate and prevent potential data hazards, such a ransomware attacks or physical disk integrity problems.

Oodrive Cloud security

Your data will be more secure, stored in the Oodrive Cloud, according to the strictest security standards, within the French legal framework.

"We didn't used to have anything automated. We were looking for a solution that could ensure backups and security of the data of our VIPs such as our researchers in France and abroad and, above all, that would work without requiring too many user actions."

Stéphane Auzanneau, Information Systems Director at Sciences Po

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