Specializing 60% in public works and 40% in construction, Urbaine de Travaux generates annual turnover of 170 million euros in the FAYAT Group. Active on every continent with a network of nearly 120 separate subsidiaries, the FAYAT group brings together 18,000 employees in industrial and construction sectors, with annual turnover of 3 billion euros.

Numerous participants working together on large files

A project involves a larger number of participants, and each of them needs to access the project information at some time or other. Urbaine de Travaux was looking for a solution to centralize its information and save time on approval processes between different partners working on the same project. In this fully digital age, construction and industry cannot escape the growing volume of files and countless e-mail exchanges. The various project participants are forced to collaborate in different formats such as AutoCAD drawings, instructions, schedules, bills of materials, and photos of project progress status. Drawings are particularly large files. Moreover, there are many different participants who are not always based in the same place: architects, general contractors, clients, etc. Not all of them may have permanent access to a PC and to the internet. However, they need to access the documents, anywhere and anytime.

A secure and accessible platform ensuring confidentiality

Thanks to iExtranet, various participants working for Urbaine de Travaux can effectively exchange the numerous large documents related to the project without using e-mail, which is not optimal for collaboration and imposes size limits on attachments. All the documents are filed on an online collaboration platform were they can be consulted at any time or shared with other participants (architects, clients, general contractors or inspection agencies), whose access rights and authorized actions are defined in advance. Each project involves many confidential documents. To ensure secure exchanges of files, which are already encrypted by the solution, the client selects each participants’ access rights and authorized actions for shared files and folders in just a few clicks. Each enterprise working on the project appoints a person in charge of managing the exchanges and redistributing the files to the participants when they are edited by the teams.

It is a real time-saver and easy to use, making it very popular in projects

Urbaine de Travaux uses Oodrive’s iExtranet as an extranet for file sharing and collaboration on projects, from project planning to implementation. It enables general contractors to manage construction projects efficiently and makes it easy to exchange graphics, drawings or reports, of any size or format. with all the project participants: builders, architects, general contractors, engineering bureaus, real estate developers, property managers, etc.
Urbaine de Travaux also saves precious time and cuts down on its costs. Construction professionals can use iExtranet’s built-in viewer for online viewing of Office files (Office, Open Office, PDF, etc.), multimedia files (photos, videos, etc.), and, even more importantly, AutoCAD drawings.

Oodrive, the trusted partner for sensitive data management

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