ASL Airlines France is a French airline belonging to the international group ASL Aviation Holdings. For 20 years, it has been operating in both international passenger and freight transport. The airline’s 500 collaborators use numerous applications in the SaaS mode. ASL Airlines has opted for SmartBrowser to solve compatibility problems among the workstations, browsers, Java plugins and web applications.

Run and use all web applications efficiently

Like many other companies, ASL Airlines has chosen to migrate to the Cloud to replace its conventional software with web applications. Although this has meant autonomy for users and greater agility for the IT Department, the multiplication of the versions of web applications and constant updates of the browsers create compatibility problems. This information explosion sometimes directly impairs employee efficiency. At ASL Airlines, it has even become difficult to run all the applications on one same workstation. In particular, the Administrative and Finance Department needs to use different workstations for paperless invoicing and for the management tool. To provide users with optimal quality service and cut down on the costs of working in Cloud mode, the ASL Airlines IT Department has opted for SmartBrowser, Oodrive’s adaptive browser.

SmartBrowser, a single browser for all your applications

SmartBrowser is a browser that adapts to the various applications of ASL Airlines by configuring each application with the necessary add-ons and plugins. This means: – users won’t have to worry about browser update issues or messages about security holes or extensions to be installed; – the IT Department can roll out the components necessary for proper operation of the company from a centralized management platform. SmartBrowser also selects the right browser user transparently for its users, so they don’t have to make that choice. Users can select the applications for which they have access rights via the application’s URL or via the SmartBrowser portal. In technical terms, this solution consists in equipping the user’s workstation with a virtual layer composed of a browser and an agent that accesses the platform controlled by the IT Department. The central platform can be used to define each application’s layout engine, version and any required components.

This is a big advantage for the IT teams and employees

Besides providing a single solution that handles all the ASL Airlines web applications, SmartBrowser is a real productivity booster in the company. The workstations are more agile: to ensure the durability of the applications, the older browser versions are supported easily and new business applications are deployed very quickly. Users can access their applications more smoothly and become more productive. This means a faster Return on Investment for the IT Department: – Fewer incident tickets for in-house support because there will be fewer questions about browser problems – Cuts maintenance costs of application for the applications and workstations: less redevelopment, more convenient and secure migration management – Management is centralized and updates are rolled out on the workstations as soon as they have been validated by the administrator – Facilitated updates: Oodrive automatically provides security updates and new versions of add-ons and plug-ins on the management platform.

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