Founded in 1872, Sciences Po is a selective international research university that is open to the world. It is one of the top institutions in humanities and social sciences.
Sciences Po is a world class university with internationally renowned research and diplomas and a network of active partners in every country. With a rich academic community of over 200 research professors and 4,000 lecturers, the Political Science Institute has over 13,000 students spread over 7 campuses.

How can politically sensitive data be backed up in complete security?

Sciences Po was looking for a solution to back up data from the computers of its directors and highly mobile researchers. In light of the large number of users within the Institute and the sensitivity of the circulating data, the two major challenges for the prestigious university were security and automatic backups. The Institute needed a Cloud solution to protect all of its desktop and portable computers to prevent risk of loss and espionage of politically sensitive information. Very close attention was paid to user acceptance of the system, the main obstacle in the deployment of large-scale projects.

AdBackup automates backups and protects Sciences Po data

AdBackup makes it possible to reconcile mobility with productivity, because Oodrive’s online backup solution for workstations and servers allows access to working documents at all times from several different terminals. The data is backed up transparently for its users and, thanks to the web administration console, the ISD can monitor the backup status of each individual workstation at any time. The simplified management facilitates remote data recovery and restoration, an undeniable advantage for a school whose actions are carried out on an international scale.

A simplified infrastructure, an intuitive solution that is easy to master

AdBackup allows for Science Po to simplify its infrastructure by eliminating backup servers and storage devices, along with their maintenance and administration. The automated backups save the ISD time and expense. The IT department also appreciates the optimal daily monitoring of the backup process, which reduces the risks of human error and improper handling. The mobility of the users, especially research professors, is facilitated because they can access their documents from several different terminals. Setting up a solution perceived as highly intuitive to use is valued as a real partnership by Sciences Po, which appreciates its relationship of trust with Oodrive. Sciences Po is also reassured by the Europe-based hosting, since it does not want its politically sensitive information to be subject to intrusive protective legislation.

Oodrive, the trusted partner for sensitive data management

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