Sagarmatha, an event agency specialized in incentive trips and events for businesses and the general public, joined the group Public Système Hopscotch in 2001. With a history of 3,200 events in 21 years since its creation, Sagarmatha now unites 28 employees committed to social, societal and environmental responsibility, generating sales revenue on the order of 18 million euros.

Adding professionalism to online project management and document sharing

Digitization is everywhere at Sagarmatha now. On the in-house level, collaborative work has become necessary in order share information and increasingly bulky high-definition files. For Sagarmatha’s clients, information security is crucial. It’s of vital importance to ensure the confidentiality of transfers of strategic communication media and content.
Sagamartha, which used to rely on free online collaborative platforms, wanted to offer its employees and clients a more secure, higher quality and more professional platform. The event agency opted for iExtranet, Oodrive’s online project management solution.

A secure customizable collaborative working platform

The iExtranet online collaborative working solution lets every department in your company (Marketing, Communications, R&D, etc.) optimize file transfers and sharing within their own projects.
Deploying iExtranet has also allowed Sagarmatha to create a network for ongoing communications and information sharing with its customers.
The iExtranet online collaborative file-sharing platform can be fully customized for the Sagarmatha agency or with the colors of a specific advertiser, annually or by contract.
Beyond the secure hosting provided by Oodrive, iExtranet ensures accurate monitoring of file transfers and real traceability of actions. The solution includes a supervision console allowing the ISD to delegate everyday management of the file-sharing web platform to the managers of each department, while maintaining control upstream.

A mode of online collaboration appreciated both in-house and by your clients

Used at Sagarmatha since April 2011, Oodrive’s iExtranet solution was quickly adopted in-house thanks to its easy-to-use and intuitive interface: all the employees, even beginners in IT, easily mastered the solution. Its simple use is also appreciated by the agency’s clients involved in non-digital lines of business and trades.
Striving to meet the requirements of the most demanding companies, particularly key accounts, Sagarmatha was attracted by the iExtranet platform’s high level of security. The management tool is greatly enhanced by a variety of features, such as the multi-language option, which is especially useful at international conventions.
Sagarmatha’s brand image and professionalism have been strengthened by iExtranet’s collaborative mode, information sharing, capacity for storage of bulky high-definition files, high-speed transfers and reliability.

Oodrive, the trusted partner for sensitive data management

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