Founded in 1982 by fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier and Francis Menuge, the French company Paul Gaultier SA designs and manufactures luxury products. Globally renowned for its creations, the company has three main business lines: fashion, perfume and beauty products. The company is constantly exchanging large files (photos, mock-ups, etc.) both in-house and externally with its clients and partners. Jean-Paul Gaultier SA opted for the Oodrive solution iExtranet to make its data transfers faster and easier.

Making large data transfers faster and more secure

In a connected world, digital file transfers have become inevitable. Yet such sharing channels raise two major issues: large files and security. Transfers of documents, photographs, mock-ups or posters can slow down your progress in projects with internal or external communication partners. The Jean-Paul Gaultier group needed a fast, easy-to-use tool to simplify and secure its file transfers.
To solve these problems, the Jean-Paul Gaultier group opted for Oodrive, the European specialist in online file management, which was already working with one of the group’s licensees. Using the iExtranet Corporate online file sharing solution for professionals, Jean-Paul Gaultier has factilitated its file sharing processes with its various partners.

iExtranet, simple, reliable and ready to use quickly

Since the early stages of their collaboration with Oodrive in January 2011, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s teams have been sharing data online faster and with no need for an external webmaster. The solution also lets the company communicate more freely, with greater control over the downloaded files. It is very easy to set up logins and passwords based on the intended recipients to ensure that your documents will remain strictly confidential. Employees are free to manage access rights to the documents and storage space on their own, providing more fluent access to all the services. Being able to access any file with a single click makes shared folders real collaborative workspaces.

Flexibility, simplicity and customization

iExtranet simplifies file sharing with all of the company’s service providers and stakeholders, whether Jean-Paul Gaultier’s in-house PR and communications departments, or journalists, stylists, photographers and sales representatives. This flexible solution allows us to choose from different volume capacities to tailor the online file-sharing and collaboration to suit our company’s various needs.

Oodrive, the trusted partner for sensitive data management

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